Modern Enterprise Newsletter - Decision Makers Guide Nomad Vs Kubernetes

Modern Enterprise Newsletter

Today we launched a new product called Rishidot Research Decision Makers Guide. Rishidot Research’s Decision Makers’ Guides are research briefs made to help decision-makers gain a quick understanding of a technology or compare two or more technologies. The guides are designed to help modern enterprise decision-makers quickly understand the pros and cons of specific technologies or scenarios to plan their strategy. Unlike Rishidot Research’s long-form reports, these guides are purposed to inform decision-makers about the strengths and weaknesses of specific technologies. This understanding will empower them and their teams to make objective strategic decisions without depending on vendor marketing materials. When decision-makers want a deep dive into specific technologies or need to evaluate various scenarios as part of their planning process, Rishidot Research can aid that process through consulting engagements.

As subscribers to Modern Enterprise Newsletter, you will get notified every time we release this guide or other research reports. Our first guide is about Nomad Vs Kubernetes. You can download the PDF version of the guide at our Github repo.